Issues Wayne focuses on

Jobs / Economy
We need to bring jobs and businesses back to California and the United States.

Over-Regulation by the Government is one of our nation's biggest problems today.

Budget and Taxation
Congress must balance the budget, cut the deficit and reduce taxation so we can get the country back on track.

Social Issues
Americans believe today's Government should not interfere with the principles this country was founded upon.

Energy Independence
America can and must be energy independent. We have the ability to stop being dependent for this vital commodity outside our borders and need to quickly become self sufficient for our energy needs.

Bailouts and Stimulus
Bailouts, Stimulus, and Government interference in free market activity has brought this country to its current severe economic condition.

National Defense
Government should provide for the common defense on multiple fronts. We need to protect the United States of America from those who would harm us and secure our borders from massive illegal entry. Our National Defense is a top priority.

Health Care
Our country needs to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) also known as ObamaCare. In doing so, Congress can then bring in new legislation which is affordable and can serve the needs of the American people.

Going forward with a sound plan for Education in America is vital to our country's future.

Our elected and appointed officials in all branches of Government need to properly address the problem of immigration into the United States of America.

2nd Amendment
Our founding fathers saw the wisdom in people being able to have freedom and the ability to personally protect that freedom.

10th Amendment
Our Constitution specifically provides for the States to determine the majority of the laws, rules and regulations to protect people living in this country.

Americans are a generous and charitable people. Government has an important role in protecting and helping those who are destitute and living in abject poverty.