News with Wayne Iverson

CA Coordinator Attends Meeting on Combating Voter Fraud

For the past two years, ordinary American citizens from all walks of life rose up and marched under the banner of the Tea Party movement. The full force and effect of this movement was seen by a dramatic shift in the political power structure in Congress after the November 2010 elections. The far left in Washington and the liberal elite media failed to denigrate honest mom and pop American citizens with names like “tea baggers” and “astroturf”, and by calling them “racists”. The march continues with the added focus on fighting voter fraud.

Dr. Wayne Iverson recently attended the True The Vote National Summit 2011 on March 25th and 26th in Houston, Texas, which was attended by approximately 150 people from 27 States. According to Dr. Iverson, “America’s battle for fair and honest elections is well underway. It is obvious that the same folks who were so passionate about how things are run in Washington have the same energy and determination to make certain voter fraud does not occur.”

The topics discussed at the National Summit included the reasons we need photo voter ID, how to analyze voter roll integrity and what steps are needed to insure election process integrity. Presentations were made by well known knowledgeable speakers including Catherine Engelbrecht, John Fund, Warner Todd Huston, Andrew Breitbart and Christian Adams. The audience heard¬† the research findings on variances found in the Texas voter rolls and the illegal processes used during the vote recount in the Minnesota Senate election in 2008. Iverson said, “We now are seeing wide spread education about the current methods used to corrupt the election process. As a result of the American public’s vigilance and insistence, strictly following election laws and procedures will be the new standards at polling places.”

The fact that grass roots Americans will be fighting this battle on their own has become obvious as well. The Whitehouse has not shown an interest in pursuing voter fraud or election irregularities. This came to light most dramatically when the US Attorney General’s office decided not to press charges for well documented incursions at a polling place in Philadelphia.

Once again, Americans are coming together in organizations like the King Street Patriots of Texas and the Minnesota Majority from the state of Minnesota to help lead the battle for fair and honest elections.